Packing Instructions

Below are some simple instructions of where to put things when you drop your boat off.

Please make sure that everything – covers, trailers, trolley wheels, etc are clearly labelled.

Please tie the font of your boat to its trolley (and the back if you wish) although we tie the whole lot down to the trailer.

It is more than likely that the trolley wheels will need to come off so please make sure that they can!

Please tie your foils, boom and sails into each boat.

Kit bags can travel in the back of the van but will need to be put into a shed until we load. Just before you turn into the field there are a couple of sheds on the left and one has a combination padlock, number 505. This is where you will need to put your bag to make sure it goes with us. Please make sure they are labelled with class, sail no. and name (just in case the previous/next class delivered also have their kit bags in there!)

Please could you put the boats neatly around the edge of the field and take them off their trailers.

The trailers can stay here until you come back to pick the boats up but please could you stack them all up together and also make sure that it is labelled.

It is best for everybody to take their trailer boards and any spare straps home with them so they don’t all get mixed up.

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